NEWS The delegation from the Embassy of France in Korea visits AMC 2022.07.05


The Embassy of France in Korea and officials from French bio and pharmaceutical companies visited Asan Medical Center (AMC) on June 30. The Embassy of France in Korea runs the French Healthcare Korea Club and promotes exchanges between Korea and France in the healthcare sector.


The visit was attended by Mr. Julliand Jérôme, the Country Director of Business France, as well as corporate officials from Sanofi, Ipsen, Servier, Oncodesign, and Eveon. The guests visited clinical research wards, International Healthcare Center, Health Screening & Promotion Center, and Asan Memorial Hall. Meanwhile, Professor Jong-jae Kim, Chairman of Asan Institute for Life Sciences & Chief Research Officer, and Professor In-Ho Jeon, Director of Asan Medical International, were invited to the French Healthcare Booster event held at the Embassy of France to discuss future cooperation with French health and medical institutions.