NEWS Asan Medical Center Introduction Video 2021.10.15

Asan Medical Center Introduction Video



What was the driving force behind Asan Medical Center today?


We possess world-renowned high-quality medical services,

provide education to share our medical skills and experience,

and conduct research for sustainable medical development.


Under our initial spirit of ‘offering the best medical services equally to all,’


AMC contributes to the enhancement of Korea’s medical values and healthier society.



Following its founding principle – ‘Helping the least privileged of our society.’

Asan Foundation has built modern hospitals in medically underserved agricultural and

fishing villages to lead the accomplishment of medical welfare


Asan Medical Center, established in 1989 by Asan Foundation, has become a global

hospital representing Korea beyond welfare services, providing the power to the medical advancement of Korea.


We are a hospital giving hope to severely ill patients both at home and abroad with average of 12,000 outpatients a day.

Also, we operate 2,700 beds 24 hours a day and perform around 60,000 sophisticated surgeries a year.


As ‘the best hospital for surgery’ and ‘the most respected hospital in Korea,’


AMC contributes to medical advancement based on leading medical skills and patient-centered care system.


Organ Transplantation Center of Asan Medical Center has the largest number of

liver transplantations performed in the world with the highest survival rates.


It has performed more than half of the nations’ heart transplantations since its first successful heart transplantation in Korea in 1992,


Also, the center has shown an excellent performance in kidney and pancreas transplantation.


AMC Intensive Care Unit is equipped with world-class facilities supporting

the performance of sophisticated surgeries and treatments, raising confidence in AMC’s medical services.



Heart Institute of Asan Medical Center is a leader in the development of cardiology at home and abroad,

offering specialized medical services including diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.


AMC Cancer Institute leads customized cancer treatment for patients.


Based on a multidisciplinary care system where specialists from various fields gather in one room to treat a patient,

we provide optimized treatment for each patient.


Children’s Hospital in Asan Medical Center provides age-specific treatment from newborn babies to adolescents

and performs AMC’s high-quality medical service.


Asan Medical Center grows further through educational programs.


As a teaching hospital of the University of Ulsan College of Medicine,

AMC provides students with greater opportunities to reinforce their capabilities.


Also, Asan Medical Center continuously improves the capabilities of its members by offering overseas training programs for nurses and employees,


As a part of the Asan in Asia project, AMC’s global educational activities,

include educational programs for local medical professionals, transfer of medical skills, and volunteer work,

helping medically underdeveloped countries in Asia to achieve medical self-reliance.


AMC’s growth engine for the future,

Asan Institute for Life Sciences


Growing into a medical cluster, where basic-translational-clinical research is performed

through cooperation with leading local and overseas research institutes and

the outcomes are put in practice in one platform,

Based on its outstanding medical professionals and abundant clinical resources,

Asan Institute for Life Sciences carries out major researches for the bio-industry of the future,

shaping a better future for AMC.


Asan’s spirit of sharing and commitment expands to the world. Visiting medically underserved rural areas and looking for sick neighbors,

Asan Medical Center has been fulfilling its spirit of sharing through medical services.


This beautiful journey continues to reach our neighbors around the world.


With a social contribution beyond borders and a win-win management to grow together,

Asan Medical Center fulfills its respect to life and love for mankind.


With love beyond leading Korea’s and world-class medical skills,

AMC brings a new era of global medicine. Leading the Future of Health Asan Medical Center