NEWS 'Services provided by Medical Staffs' tops the Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023.01.19


"Before surgery, you held my hand and comforted me. Thanks to you, the time I spent at Asan Medical Center will remain as a good memory without pain or fear. Thank you for always being kind and warm." This is a compliment card delivered to Ms. Ji-soo Kim of the Cancer Institute Nursing Team II who received AMC Customer Service Award last year.


As a result of the 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the overall satisfaction with medical services at Asan Medical Center was 93.7 points. In particular, patients' satisfaction score of the ‘medical services provided by doctors and nurses’ was high. Asan Medical Center maintains a score exceeding 90 points every year with ▲ 93.9 points in 2019, ▲ 93.8 points in 2020, and ▲ 94.1 points in 2021.


Asan Medical Center commissioned Hankook Research, Korea’s largest marketing and opinion research agency, to conduct a survey on customer satisfaction among 1,872 admitted patients, 1,813 outpatients, 342 emergency patients, 161 patients in ICU, and 1,295 patients undergoing examination from May to August of last year.


As a result, the medical services provided by doctors and nurses had the highest satisfaction. For outpatients, satisfaction was higher in the order of ▲ service of nurses (98.6 points), ▲ medical services of doctors (97.4 points), ▲ hospital environment and others (92.7), ▲ medical procedures (91.7), and ▲ kindness and interest level of other employees (91 points). For admitted patients, the order was ▲ medical services of nurses (97.7 points), ▲ medical services of doctors (97.5 points), ▲ kindness and interest level of other employees (97.2 points), ▲ hospital environment and facilities (92.7 points), and ▲ other services in the hospital (88.3 points).


▲Emergency room in the examination or treatment process, ▲ICU for cleaning the bed surroundings, and ▲examination room in the examination proficiency received the highest scores.