NEWS AMC Medical Volunteers Visits Uganda, Africa... 'Asante AMC' 2024.02.15

Provided Medical Treatment to 1,450 People, Conducted 72 Surgeries


▲AMC Medical Volunteers are taking a commemorative photo at Uganda


Asan Medical Center Medical Volunteers carried out volunteer activities in Uganda, East Africa, from January 14th for four days. AMC Medical Volunteers consisted of a total of 26 participants, including 7 doctors, 18 nurses, and 1 staff from Biomedical Engineering. They traveled for 20 hours by plane and arrived at Entebbe Airport in Uganda.


▲Specialist Young Won Lee(center) of the Division of Breast Surgery is performing tumor resection surgery.


AMC Medical Volunteers, with surgical medical staff as the main participants, divided into two teams and traveled by bus for an additional 8 hours to visit Kumi and Bududa, which are considered medically vulnerable areas within Uganda. Both areas suffer from frequent interruptions in water and electricity supply, as well as inadequate medical facilities and personnel shortages. Upon hearing that medical professionals from Korea were providing treatment, local residents gathered. Patients with conditions such as unable to lie down due to a bump on the back and a girl with congenital finger deformities were treated. From January 14th for four days, AMC Medical Volunteers set up temporary treatment facilities at Kumi University Clinic and Bududa General Hospital, providing medical treatment to a total of 1,450 patients. In particular, this medical volunteer mission involved surgical specialists such as breast surgery, acute care surgery, pediatric surgery, and plastic surgery, who performed a total of 72 surgeries, including breast tumor excision, hernia repair, and skin reconstruction surgery, which are difficult to perform in local hospitals. Additionally, 68 endoscopies, 55 ultrasounds, and 60 blood tests were conducted, and Mr. Sung Bum Lee from the Biomedical Engineering Team repaired faulty medical equipment at Bududa General Hospital. Ugandan medical professionals learned advanced surgical techniques and infection control by observing consultations and surgeries.


▲Nurse Ha Nuel Kim of Heart Institute Nursing Team and Nurse Ye Seul Jung of Internal Medicine Nursing Team I are taking care of a Ugandan pediatric patient


Local residents expressed their gratitude by saying "Asante!" The leader of AMC Medical Volunteers, Professor Byung Ho Son of the Division of Breast Surgery, said, "We were able to provide practical help to residents in medically vulnerable areas by performing not only basic medical consultations but also surgical procedures for treatment, which was even more meaningful."


Nurse Seo Young Sohn of Cancer Institute Nursing Team I, who participated in AMC Medical Volunteers, said, "I wanted to provide continuous assistance to Ugandan residents, so I started monthly donations to local hospitals. It was a valuable time for me to reflect on what kind of nursing care I want to provide and to find my original intention."