NEWS AMC Medical Volunteers visit Kyrgyzstan to Share Reconstructive Surgery Skills 2024.03.12

▲ AMC Medical Volunteers are taking a commemorative photo.


AMC Medical Volunteers visited Kyrgyzstan for three days from February 13 to provide community services. AMC Medical Volunteers comprised 40 participants, including 10 doctors, 25 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 2 health workers, and 2 administrative staff.


The team set up temporary treatment facilities at the Rehabilitation Center for Children Altyn Balalyk in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan and provided medical services to 1,480 local residents. They performed 158 surgeries and procedures, including 27 surgical operations, 46 cataract surgeries, and 6 surgical procedures. Additionally, they conducted 49 echocardiograms, 256 x-rays, and 211 abdominal/thyroid ultrasounds.


Professor Kyung Rim Sung of the Department of Ophthalmology, who led AMC Medical Volunteers, said, “Many residents who could not receive appropriate treatment due to poor medical conditions came to us. It was a meaningful time for all medical staff by providing treatment for each patient to the best of their abilities.”


AMC medical staff from the Department of Plastic Surgery visited the National Hospital of Kyrgyzstan to share their wound care and microsurgery skills. Professor HyunSuk Peter Suh, Fellow Hyung Hwa Jeong, and Residents So Min Oh and Sang Cheon Park of the Department of Plastic Surgery spent five days from February 12, providing educational sessions to local medical staff such as teaching how to perform breast reconstruction and lower extremity reconstruction, lecturing and practicing how to use negative pressure devices, conducting a hands-on workshop on microvascular anastomosis, and demonstrating reconstructive surgery.