PEOPLE [Welcome to AMC] “Training at AMC to Learn the World’s Best Cardiovascular Interventions” 2024.03.27

Dr. Faisal Almajid from Kuwait


▲ (from left) Dr. Cheuk Hang Tsang from Hong Kong, Professor Seung-Jung Park, Dr. Faisal Almajid from Kuwait, Professor Jung-Min Ahn


Dr. Faisal Almajid from Farwaniya Hospital, under the Kuwait Ministry of Health, specializes in cardiovascular intervention and structural heart disease. He has been a trainee at the Division of Cardiology at Asan Medical Center since January last year under the academic supervision of Endowed-Chair Professor Seung-Jung Park. Dr. Faisal Almajid shares his story about the international physician training at Asan Medical Center.


Why did you choose Asan Medical Center for training?

Asan Medical Center is a top-notch medical institution in many fields, but it is leading the global medical community, particularly in cardiovascular intervention, with significant influence. Notably, Endowed-Chair Professor Seung-Jung Park is respected as a pioneer in cardiology. He was the first in the world to introduce left main coronary artery stenting, which led to amending treatment guidelines, and published numerous papers in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). Asan Medical Center provides a well-organized medical system and an excellent training environment through advanced facilities. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to have Professor Seung-Jung Park as my academic advisor. Therefore, I submitted my application without hesitation because it was a valuable opportunity to greatly enhance my expertise in cardiovascular intervention. Recommendations also came from my colleagues who had previously trained at Asan Medical Center.


What are your thoughts about the training so far?

I am really benefiting from tremendous help. Initially, I had planned to be on the training program for one year in 2023. However, I have extended it for another year until the end of this year because I want to see and learn more here. I feel improvement in both theoretical knowledge and technical skills for cardiovascular intervention. I plan to further study structural heart disease in detail during the remaining period. The fact that I am continuously growing under the guidance of great professors serves as a significant motivation. I believe the experience and knowledge gained at Asan Medical Center will be invaluable assets when I return to Kuwait. I hope to provide high-quality treatment to my home country’s heart disease patients and contribute to the medical community in Kuwait.


  ▲ [Left] Dr. Faisal Almajid (second from left) participating in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) /

[Right] Dr. Faisal Almajid (center) participating in a live session during Complex PCI 2023


How is your life in Korea?

I spend most of my time with medical colleagues who are also undergoing training. I consider it a great opportunity to build friendships by sharing experiences, knowledge, and culture. I try to maintain a balanced life on days off. I work out hard, meet up with friends to explore various parts of Seoul, taste different foods, and sometimes study in my specialty field. All these activities help me feel more energized in my life. Among Korean foods, I like the Korean-style barbecue the most, grilling meat over charcoal. Although I carefully choose what I eat according to my diet plan, barbecue is an exception (laughs).


Any messages for medical professionals planning to join the training?

Departments and professors differ in characteristics even within Asan Medical Center. Therefore, it is crucial to talk to those already in training for information. Hearing their experiences, including what kind of training they receive and what to expect from the training, will provide a clearer picture. Lastly, I would like to thank the professors, medical colleagues, and staff members for helping me have an unforgettable time at Asan Medical Center.