NEWS TCTAP 2024, Over 3,000 Cardiologist from 54 Countries Gathered in One Place 2024.05.07

▲ On April 25th, the first day of the 29th TCTAP 2024, panelists including Professor Seung-Jung Park from the Division of Cardiology (on the right side of the screen) engage in discussion while observing and evaluating a procedure demonstrated by a team led by Professor Duk-Woo Park.


The 29th Cardiovascular Summit TCTAP 2024, hosted by the CardioVascular Research Foundation (CVRF) and sponsored by the Heart Institute of Asan Medical Center (AMC), took place from April 25th to 27th at Songdo Convensia. Since its inception in 1995, TCTAP has been a leading international academic event in the Asia-Pacific region, attracting cardiology experts from around the world annually. This year's conference saw the participation of over 3,000 cardiologists from 54 countries. To accommodate young medical professionals unable to attend in person and healthcare providers from developing countries, certain sessions were conducted simultaneously online.


TCTAP featured focused lectures on fundamental and advanced topics by experts in the field of interventional cardiology, known as the 'TCTAP Workshops'. Additionally, 'Live Case Sessions’ provided real-time coverage of procedures performed at prestigious hospitals both domestically and internationally, while 'Training Courses' offered hands-on instruction on advanced techniques. Key discussions included successful percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of chronic total occlusion (CTO), the latest treatments for left main and multi-vessel diseases, cardiovascular imaging and physiology, and structural heart diseases. Particularly noteworthy were the Live Case Sessions, where 10 centers, including the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation in the United States, Mie Heart Center in Japan, National Taiwan University Hospital in Taiwan, and The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University in China, showcased the latest procedures applicable in clinical settings, receiving significant acclaim from attendees.


Professor Seung-Jung Park of the Division of Cardiology (Course Director of TCTAP) stated, "We will continue our efforts to efficiently disseminate the latest developments in the field of cardiology, ensuring that TCTAP evolves into a premier academic event representing the Asia-Pacific region."