PEOPLE [Welcome to AMC] "Amazing Systematic Approach and Collaboration for Optimal Treatment" 2024.06.19

Dr. Joud Abdulraheem from Kuwait


▲ (from the left) Dr. Joud Abdulraheem and Professor Moon-Won Yoo


Dr. Joud Abdulraheem, a clinical instructor, serves as a general surgeon specializing in acute trauma and critical care surgery at Al Adan Hospital, the largest hospital in southern Kuwait. Since October 2022, she has been training in the Division of Stomach Surgery under the guidance of Professor Moon-Won Yoo. Dr. Joud Abdulraheem shares her experiences during her international physician training at Asan Medical Center.


Why did you choose Asan Medical Center for training?

I received recommendations from colleagues who had previously trained at Asan Medical Center. Those who had trained in the departments of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Plastic Surgery at Asan Medical Center spoke highly of the structured training programs and the opportunity to learn top-tier medical techniques and knowledge. Eager to further develop my skills as a surgeon, I decided to pursue training at Asan Medical Center to gain diverse experiences and expertise.


▲ At a meeting on gastrointestinal surgery, pictured with other international physicians. In the center is Dr. Joud Abdulraheem


What are your thoughts about the training so far?

I have been participating in surgeries for bariatric and metabolic procedures, gastric cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and various gastrointestinal conditions, observing and learning the latest surgical techniques firsthand. The vast scale of Asan Medical Center allows for an incredibly diverse range of patient cases, making each day a new learning experience. I am particularly grateful to my mentors, including Professor Moon-Won Yoo, as well as Professors Beom Su Kim, Sa-Hong Min, Chang Seok Ko, and Chung Sik Gong, for their invaluable guidance throughout my training.


▲ Professor Moon-Won Yoo (on the right) is explaining surgical details to Dr. Joud Abdulraheem


What impressed you the most while training at AMC?

What stands out the most is the patient-centered and efficient system. Numerous surgeries for various conditions are performed daily, and every process is systematically organized with seamless collaboration among different teams. I believe that the focus on providing optimal care by harnessing collective expertise is a key strength of Asan Medical Center. Additionally, the efficient management of all medical records through AMIS 3.0 is impressive. Upon returning to Kuwait, I aspire to establish a hospital specializing in bariatric and gastrointestinal surgery, offering high-quality medical services based on my experiences at Asan Medical Center.


▲ Having dinner with colleagues from the Department of Stomach Surgery, including Professor Sa-Hong Min (center). To the far right is Dr. Joud Abdulraheem


How is your life in Korea?

The cultures of Kuwait and Korea share many similarities, such as respect for elders, a special bond with family, and a strong passion for work. Although there are moments of difficulty due to language barriers, living in Korea has been a wonderful experience. The staff at Asan Medical Center are incredibly dedicated and take great responsibility for their work, always greeting patients with a smile and treating them with kindness. I am delighted to work with such wonderful people and look forward to the opportunity to invite my colleagues to Kuwait someday.


▲ Dr. Joud Abdulraheem (left), participating in the Annual Congress of the Korean Surgical Society 2022